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In pursuit of performance excellence

by Chris Cooley

Delivering Performance Excellence

Performance Excellence is more than just operating better, it is maximising the full potential of your organisation to achieve your business goals.

It is the sum of satisfying your customer, having a workforce that is empowered to complete their work and fully engaged in the business and delivering your product or service in the most efficient way.

Sum of Performance excellence

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction = Deliver customer value how they want it and when they want it every time.

Understanding the value of your product or service to your customer and delivering that value on time every time.

Lean QCD can help you to understand your customer needs,  define your strategy and deliver your customer requirements.

Awareness of the quality of your product and protecting the customer from poor quality is an essential element of what we do. This is the first stage of quality management, and we guarantee that your customer will be satisfied with the service you deliver to them.

Matching the output of your system to your customer requirements is a core philosophy of a lean implementation and whether you are in manufacturing, service or local government and NHS, we guarantee to improve your service and increase your capacity at no additional cost.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction = All of your team able and willing to deliver customer satisfaction.

Your employees are working together and working with you to deliver your customer needs.

Lean QCD have years of leadership training and experience and can help you to adopt goal cascade and achieve employee empowerment resulting in complete employee satisfaction.

We have a range of practical leadership training courses that will provide a balance of theory and experiential learning to enable your people to become empowering leaders. We can also work with your people as coaches and mentors to ensure that this learning is sustained and embedded throughout.

We can deliver a full training and mentoring programme at all levels to deliver true leadership to your business.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence = Deliver customer satisfaction with minimal cost and resource and maximum throughput.

Operational excellence is not the goal but it is still essential. Bear in mind that your competitors are also striving to achieve operational excellence, therefore to do nothing is to go backwards.

Operational excellence is the ability to achieve customer satisfaction with minimised costs. This means that waste is reduced, throughput is increased and labour is utilised.

But it doesn’t stop there, because of course your competitors will catch up. Therefore you will have to continue to improve. By adopting a culture of continuous improvement this will become a never ending journey leading to improved profitability and the ability to do more with the same resource.

Lean QCD Toolbox

Lean tools is very much a buzz word at the moment. As Lean Consultants we obviously have a toolbox of tools and techniques at our disposal, the difference is that we do not just rely on the tools, but utilise leadership and Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) to ensure that the improvements are fully realised and your people can continue on the cycle of continuous improvement.

The Lean QCD Toolbox Package is a complete lean system that will become part of your company and is guaranteed to deliver results now and in the future.


Performance excellence is the ability to recognise what your customer wants, place a value on what your customer wants and be able to deliver what your customer wants and when they want it.

In other terms it is having a viable strategy and being able to deliver the viable strategy.

For more information please visit Lean QCD Performance Excellence.

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