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Quality Management: Problem Solving – The benefits of Cascaded Problem Solving

by Chris Turley

Lean QCD’s unique Cascaded Problem Solving process addresses one of the keys to effective problem resolution and quality performance improvement.
Maximise the value of investigations and the resulting countermeasures by cascading them throughout your business.

You suffer a problem, either your customer identifies an issue or hopefully you’ve identified it yourselves ‘in house’. You invest significant amounts time, money and effort identifying the root cause, be it product, process, material or even people related, and in developing an effective solution, which you implement and hopefully embed effectively.
Job Done!

Well no, you’ve missed out on the huge amount of potential value available through cascaded problem solving because you didn’t cascade either the content and logic of your investigation or the resulting countermeasures across your business.

The widely used problem solving tools focus on the ‘funnelling’ down from the initial large and vague complaint or perceived problem, to the actual problem and on to root cause, and in developing the specific countermeasure which is implemented and validated.

But, how many common or similar products, processes, materials and circumstances exist in your business?
Could the same or similar issues and risks exist there to?

The cascade is the forgotten phase in problem solving, as it is, in most problem solving processes, talked about but in reality viewed by businesses as an optional add-on, which remains mostly unused.

It’s not easy to be proactive as most of us are already overworked being reactive, fighting the fires which ignite on a daily basis, but the real benefits from the investment you make in problem solving can only be realised through effective cascading.
Use your proven countermeasures and solutions across all common circumstances in your business. Use the logic of your investigation to evaluate the risks elsewhere and you’ll find many similarities.

Use what you know to eliminate the risks which exist elsewhere before they bites you.

For more information follow this link to Cascaded Problem Solving

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