Performance Excellence in Service

Improving customer service excellence

The application of lean, leadership and a robust strategy should be applied to any type of organisation. The successful application of these elements will help you to satisfy your customer, satisfy your employees and maximise your resources.

Definition of service industry

Service is anything that has a customer and doesn’t deliver a physical product that the customer can take away, but creates something that its customer needs, desires, requires or demands, and therefore places a value on it.

Examples of service

Local Government
Maintenance department in a manufacturing company
Finance departments
Sales offices
Entertainment industry

Achieving performance excellence

The achievement of performance excellence should be a goal in any type of orgnisation. applying lean in service will enable you to deliver customer value on time, every time.

Customer satisfaction combines your strategy with your customer goal

Customer satisfaction is about understanding the value of your products or service, developing a competitive edge and delivering your customer needs.

All organisations need to  define their strategy and competitive edge and deliver on time all of the time. By understanding what customer value actually is, you will be able to align your quest for operational excellence with the needs of your customer to deliver world class performance.

Employee satisfaction is employing your leadership to enable your team to satisfy your customers

We believe that grip self, grip team and grip task through the team is the enabler that will deliver employee satisfaction.

By using goal cascade you can then ensure that your whole organisation is working towards delivering your goals – satisfy customer, satisfy team and make money now and in the future (or maximising your resources).

Aligning Operational Excellence to your strategy is essential

Rest assured your competitors will be looking to improve their operational performance, so to do nothing is to go backwards.  Operational excellence can be achieved by any of your competitors or alternative service providers – therefore operational excellence is a continuous journey.

Applying Lean in service

Lean can be applied to any process, whether manufacturing or service, whether in technical,finance or any other organisation area.

The key elements of applying lean are the same regardless of the organisation or area:

Who are your customers ?

What is customer value ?

What is the current state of processes ?

How to remove waste and non-value added processes ?

In service, lead-time reduction whilst delivering world class quality are key to achieving customer satisfaction. Lean is about removing waste and adding value. Leadership is the essential ingredient, especially in more labour-intensive service areas in order to bring the whole organisation along the lean journey.

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