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Our consulting service is all about working hand in hand with your team, supporting you every step of the way and making sure that you have robust and permanent improvements.

We use the Lean QCD thinking way.

We will impart our knowledge of course, but the key is to leave you with definitive and robust change.

helping you solve your problems

The lean QCD thinking way

Raise your problems to the surface

People are often afraid of raising problems. There may be a culture of blame or it may be the team beating themselves up.

Lean QCD will introduce tools that support the raising of problems, celebrate the opportunity to improve and take the next steps to solve the problem.

Solve your problems - permanently !

Often we address a problem with a sticking plaster, and guess what – the problem comes back !

Using structured practical problem solving to identify and counter measure the root cause means the problem is permanently solved.

Furthermore we can share the learning in other areas and processes.

“When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves”


Practical problem solving


PDCA is an iterative four-step management method used to control the continuous improvement of processes and products. In Six Sigma it is called DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyse-Implement-Control).

The key is collecting and analysing data to understand and solve the problems.



Understand the current state, design the future state, develop a plan to close the gap



Implement the plan, set-up visual control, gather the KPIs to measure success



Performance management, process confirmation, identify problems arising




Contain the problem, find the root cause, implement counter-measures

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our Consulting services Include:

Performance Improvement, Visual Management, Standard Work and Practical Problem Solving

Implementing the tools and embedding the thinking way for continuous improvement

The power of your people

Our goal is to help you solve your problems – contact us to discuss any issues you require help with.

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