Founding Director

Chris Cooley

My Approach

from the beginning

Years of learning from our mistakes. Experience in a range of industries and companies. Been on the front line and understand the pressures. A passion for making positive change.

Always look for the win-win when making change

Overview And Experience

Strong Hands-on approach utilising operational experience and knowledge to drive a positive change.

Be the best leader you can be

With 13 years consultancy experience and 12 years business leadership. Customer focussed and results orientated transformation driving operational and business excellence.


You Deserve The Best

12 years of business leadership and 13 years of delivering value added consulting services

the key to success

Areas of Experience

After a combined 30 years of leading challenging businesses, we founded Lean QCD in 2009.

Both founding Directors had worked together for 10 years. Using our combined experiences and joint approach we believed we could make a difference in a range of industries.

Business Leadership
12 Years Experience
13 Years Experience
Coaching & Mentiring
20 Years Experience
Problem Solving
20 Years Experience

Since 2009 we have helped businesses in a wide range of industries to transform, solve problems and adopt continuous improvement with major success.

Our goal is to help you solve your problems – contact us to discuss any issues you require help with.

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