Case Study – Global Seller Supply Chain

How to improve supply chain performance

Programme leader for full Pan-European supply chain transformation programme. Reviewing end-to-end current state and designing future state processes, warehouse footprint, transport model, organisation structure and product management systems to surpass targeted $25.5m savings.

Structured programme

Stage 1: Prework

Stage 2: Assess

Stage 3: Innovate

Stage 4: Materialise

Critical Success Factors

  • Pan European engagement and alignment from supply chain leadership team
  • Timely implementation of L4/L5 organisational design model
  • Appropriate level of implementation support from: BTO, BMGI, Finance, HR and IT
  • Clear commitment and ownership of the IBP implementation
  • Strong internal communications process
  • Utilisation of CPI programme and other investment to accommodate “exceptional charges” of transition
  • Effective Legal and HR support for DC rationalisation
  • Flexible consideration given where design and hiring criteria has a negative effect on business targets
  • Active collaboration with other workstreams to avoid conflicting process improvements
  • Available Workstream team space and facilities


  • 2014 AOP
  • $25.5m incremental savings
  • L4 – L7 SC structure
  • AIM Final implementation plan
  • Communication plan
  • HR processes for selection, appointment and release defined



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