Case Study – Rail Infrastructure Provider

Working with Network rail to improve Access Planning process, systems and organisations in a major commuter region.

PDCA Approach

  • Confirm Access planning objectives
  • Go-look-see planning end to end process – engage with process customers, suppliers and process owners
  • Map current state
  • Workshops held to map future state
  • 11 Improvement workstreams identified to move from current state to future state
  • Implementation phase – process redesign, system changes, organisational redesign
  • Trial location – changes implemented and proven
  • Cascade changes to all locations
  • Sustain phase – measure change effectiveness, process confirmation in place
  • Continuous improvement – 5 additional projects identified
  • Client programme team set-up to become self-improving


  • 50% reduction in short notice change
  • Increase in works delivery effectiveness



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